Red Dragon Island

Red Dragon Island is a quest that takes place in ancient Japan. It was released to paid members in early access on May 5, 2011. The island features the main characters from the Magic Tree House book series.

Red Dragon Written Walkthrough

Go right, a bit, and there will be a tire swing in the background. Enter that yard. Jack and Annie will run to their tree house, and you’re free to do whatever you want. Go to the swing, and cut the rope with a click of your mouse. Now, roll the tire all the way to the left side of the island until you get to the magic tree house. Pick up the red glasses on the ground. Then, leave the tire directly under the tree, and jump. Go inside the tree house. Jack and Annie will be there, and give Jack the glasses. Walk to the left side of the tree house, and get the book titled  Frog Creek Pennsylvania: Home Town USA book. Now, go ask Annie how the tree house works. She’ll tell you to pick up a book, and get the book to her right, titled A Journey to Old Japan. Use it, and you’re off to Old Japan! You’ll arrive in Old Japan. Jack and Annie will go explore, and tell you that you need a kimono. Jack will give you a Magic Amulet to return to the tree house whenever you want.


Go left, and two guards will arrest you and send you to jail for not having a passport. Use the Magic Amulet. Go left again, but go into the Bonsai Shop. Talk to the lady, and she’ll give you a kimono. You’ll also get a passport there. Exit, and go left past the guards. Annie and Jack will be caught and sent to prison. Oh no! Go left, past the crumbly village. When you find some stairs leading up, there will be a fish there. Get the fish.

Continue to go up, and you will find a chained door. Go right, and a letter will drop to you. Read the letter.

Go left some more, and you will pass another set of stairs, and three geishas. In a place with a lake, (which is left of the whole village) there will be a bag of Mortar. Get it. Go into the little hut made of bamboo, and talk to the old man. He’ll tell you that Basho is buying some eggs. Go right, past the geishas and the first set of stairs.

You should come to two samurai holding up five people. Help the samurai, by lining them up in order. . For this next part, the people are 1,2,3,4, and 5. I will tell you who takes what place. Trade 5 and 4. Trade 4 and 1. Trade 3 and 4. The samurai will catch the guilty one, and send him away. And, in return, the samurai will give you a betting slip for the sumo wrestling match, and he says he’ll split his winnings with you. Yay!

Now go back to the crumbly bridge, and use your Mortar. Fixing the bridge is like a puzzle. Just put the bricks where they look like they belong. Once the little bridge is fixed, a reallymuscled guy will run through. Go right, and pick up the Bonsai Scissors. Now go down, just below the bridge, to the guy fishing.

Use the rotten fish to try to catch the kappa. Light the wood in the bottom right, and click on the boulder to the left of the hole on the ground at the right. Shoot the beehive at the whole in the tree. Turn off the fire by clicking the wood again, light the lamp, and click on the rotten fish. Yay! You’ve caught the kappa! Get up and go right, back to the Bonsai Shop. Go inside, and talk to the lady that gave you the kimono.

Help her by cutting the bonsai, which you must cut perfectly. Every single leaf. Once you’ve accomplished that, a guy will walk in. He wants to buy a bonsai, but they are overpriced. Get out of the shop and go the Sumo match which is located at the second stairs. Go inside. Once inside, talk to the wrestler’s manager. He’ll ask you to help him with signing autographs. All you have to do is copy down the pattern, step by step. Once you’re done with that, go talk to the other fighter, the one that looks scared.

He’ll ask you to take his place. What can you do? Take his place! Go fight. The way I did it was similar to Speeding Spike of Super Power Island. I just let him run after me, and soon, he got mad and slipped off the stage. Three mad samurai will come and tell you that they’re going to take you. Just then though, the old man from the hut will come. He is Basho! He says to meet him at his home.

Go to the hut, and he’ll tell you that he wants you to be his new student ninja. You’ll be starting training. Basho will give you some tools, and he will also give you a Ninja Outfit. Put on the ninja outfit, and Basho will teach you how to use your tools.

Once you’re done with training, go to the wall next to his house. You’ll have to fix it, very much like the bridge. Then he’ll tell you he just needed it fixed. xD He’ll send you to save Jack and Annie, and to find the Shogun. Go right, past the geishas to the stairs. Go inside, and climb the wall. Go right. Keep on climbing, and ignore all obstacles.

At the top, go left. Use your Ninja Vision to see where the guards are.  Drop a bomb to blind them all. Go through the window, above the guard. You will have a few more rooms like this, and they all have the same goal: get the haiku piece, and the key. Keep on going through the doors, and when you get to the final one, you will read the haiku.

“Enter.” You will enter, and a ninja will tell you not to hurt him, or Jack and Annie, who are locked up hanging from the ceiling, will never get out. Using your stars, shoot it at the cage, and it’ll fall, bursting open.

And then… aaagghh!!! It’s raining fire! Wait… no, you’re just under attack. You’ll be transported to the Cloud Dragon. You must climb the mountain, and get on the Cloud Dragon. The fight between the Cloud Dragon and the Red Dragon is simple. Shoot the Red Dragon, stop it from destroying the city, and recharge in the clouds. If you fail it, you can try again, give up, or try again easy. You won’t need to recharge, if you choose this. After this fight, you’ll be with Basho. Basho will explain that the Shogun is his brother.



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