S.O.S Island

So what are you waiting for? Haven’t you heard? S.O.S Island is now available to everyone! Make sure you check out our Walkthrough if you get stuck!

S.O.S Island Walkthrough

Arrive on S.O.S via balloon and as soon as you make a step you’ll spot trouble. Walk left and click on the Big Chunk of Ice in front of the entrance. Now you’ll need to find a way to get on top of the ship. Get into the water and swim far left and try to make your way up to the top of the ship. Once you’ve gotten to where the Chunk of ice is push it. it will break the ice that’s blocking the entrance and now you could enter!

Inside go to the door that says Bridge. Make your way up and you’ll find the captain. He’ll ask you if there are any survivors. Talk to him and he’ll explain what happened to the ship. he’ll ask you to turn the knob to open the doors. Turn it and now leave. Now walk left and enter the door that has the number 6 on it. A passenger is inside! Click on him to get him out then talk to him. You’ll automatically leave and go to an Ice Berg. The passenger will give you a Whale Song Gadget as a Thank You.

The Ship Takes on Water

In the next seen you’ll see that the ship takes on the water. This time the water level increase in the ship. You need to hurry! The next person that you’ll going to rescue is Starbuck, the Cruise Director that is trapped on the Ballroom Hall. When you enter to the ship, run or swim to the left and find the Ballroom. You need to push the box that is blocking the door. Go inside the room and you will find Starbuck hanging on the chandelier. Odd thing about the Cruise Director is that she can’t swim.

Your goal is to increase the level of the water in the room, you need to release the water on the glass pillar using the champagne bottle. Click on the bottle and aim it to the glass – hold it till its pressure increase at top (you can see it on the left bottom corner of you screen) and then release it. Now you’ll break the glass and the water level raises, you need to this one more time to the glass pillar on the other side.

Now push the orange lifesaver where Starbuck is landed. TIP: To push her easily, you need to place your head at the edge of the orange lifesaver and push left. When you get to the door, you will be automatically outside the ship.

Things are Turning Down

The Pequod will sink further into the North Atlantic and the girl you previously rescued will say, “Things aren’t looking good over there. You should head back to the ship right away.” You’ll need to go left until you arrive at the sinking ship; hop onto the Iceberg and then make your way to the top of the vessel by jumping on ice blocks, windows, climbing the ropes, and bouncing on the umbrellas. Enter the ship through the hole (the location where the Pequod struck an Iceberg). Your character will be pulled down towards the bottom of the ship. You’ll land on a wooden crate and will need to click on the small pulley wheel to reveal a hidden door. Click on the square cat-like door to enter a new room and then head to the surface of the water — when you reach the surface, get your character on top of one of the chairs. In order to rescue the next Poptropican, head towards the top of the ship by hopping on the chandeliers, wall columns, and other objects until you reach the piping system. To solve the water puzzle, complete the following tasks:

1. Click on the top-right nozzle (highest one in the puzzle).
2. Click on the three nozzles pictured on the right.
3. Click on the main nozzle to get the water flowing.

The water will flow through the pipes and cause the light at the top to burst open, revealing an opening to the Boiler Room. A crew member of the Pequod appears to be stuck in the Boiler Room, so make your way to the upper-right hand corner of the room. The engineer will say, “Be careful, you can’t get through the steam! We need to reduce the pressure! After I turn this valve, get to the other side and turn the other valve before the pressure builds.” You’ll need to be quick, so head towards the left and turn the green valve before the water reaches it. The engineer will congratulate you and say, “You did it! There are three other pipes. Find them and do the same thing!” After you have found and twisted the valves of the other three pipes, the engineer will thank you. After a short conversation with the engineer, she’ll give you a Pipe Wrench. Meanwhile, the Pequod isn’t looking good…

The Ship Takes a Nose Dive

Oh No! The ship has gone deeper! Head back to the ship once again, like the last time but it’s a bit lower this time. You’ll fall down and you’ll want to jump up the platforms in the center — but watch out for the steam they will knock you off! Push the junk pile to the right and fall all the way down until you hit the water. You’ll see the propeller fall on the left. Swim left and get to the propeller so you can push it into the hole in the bottom. Follow the propeller down the hole. Swim to your right and exit through the door.

Swim all the way to the top, jump onto the box, then jump on the broken lights all the way to the top and enter through the small restaurant elevator opening. Look for the freezer door and you will find a pull of boxes inside that has icons of vegetables. Click on the boxes and it will reveal the Chef that is chilled. Push him to get out of the freezer.

Outside the freezer, your task is to make him out of the ice so that you can both get off the ship. To do this, you need to bring him to the oven heater at the bottom of the room. So you need to prepare the path where you will push him. Push the boxes so that it will drop on the blocked spaces. When the path is ready, climb to the pipe to reach the Chef and push him down till he gets to the oven. Wait for a little while.

Things are Looking Down

Congratulations! You have successfully saved all members aboard the the Pequod, except the ship’s captain! Go back to the sinking Pequod and enter the vessel through the hole located just to the left of the first life ring. You’ll need to swim down as far as you can, taking frequent breaks at air bubbles (watch your oxygen level closely!) Watch for Snapping Fish and Jellyfish as you swim towards the upper-left of the Ballroom. As you reach the upper-left hand corner of the Ballroom, swim right and go through the ship’s ventilation system. After you arrive at a new room, swim left until you locate the captain.

The captain fears for the worst and admits that the whale was not at fault for the sinking of the Pequod. It’s evident that the captain’s lack of focus led to the sinking of the Pequod. Look at your Items Inventory and use the Whale Song Machine — using the Pipe Wrench, turn the machine to the Grey Whale. Afterwards, the Whale, which happens to be the captain’s archenemy, will save you and the captain, spitting the two of you out on the Island. The captain will apologize for lying about the cause of the shipwreck and you’ll be awarded the Captain’s Medallion for S.O.S. Island.


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