Shark Tooth Island

If you talk to the local islanders, you’ll discover that Professor Hammerhead and a young boy is trapped on a nearby island. They can’t be rescued since the Great Booga, a large shark, haunts the waters near the island, not to mention a few other sharks. And again, you have to ‘embark upon a quest to rescue the innocent islanders from evil’. Sheesh. Oh well, let’s start.

So here are the guys you talk to so you can get a bottle of Carbonated Coconut Milk, a Grass Skirt, and a Shark Fin. The Shark Fin is optional, but you’ll need the milk and the grass skirt.

You can get the three items by talking to the Poptropicans above them. Shark Fin is optional.

Run to the right and you’ll find the Shark Fin vendor. Talk to him and he’ll give you a Shark Fin. Just a short way from the Shark Fin vendor you can find the Carbonated Coconut Milk vendor. Talk to him and he’ll give you the Carbonated Coconut Milk. Run all the way to the right until you find yourself on Booga Bay. 😳 Forgetful me! I forgot to put the map. Oh well, here it comes 😐

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, run to Booga Bay and talk to the Grass Skirt vendor, he’ll give you a grass skirt. Go left and enter the Ancient Ruins again. Avoid the falling coconuts. Go inside the Ancient Ruins temple.

You are now in the Temple Entrance. Drop down into the green murky water and swim to the left. Jump up the last log and jump into another room. Avoid the bat by jumping on the ground and not on the water, jump again when the bat is no longer near the left part. Make your way towards the upper left. And here are buttons you should press. Crazy looking code. The alphabet seems to be less complicated 😯

If you did it correctly, the wall will slowly go up, revealing a passageway. Enter. Drop down again in the green murky water. Swim towards the golden shark statue. Wait for a green caterpillar to appear. Seriously, that’s a TOO large caterpillar!  After it’s tail is a long jump above you, jump to the top and wait for a swinging platform to come. When it does, jump up and jump again when you see another platform to the left. Keep jumping to the left until you reach a wall that has some large spikes. Wait for a moving platform and then jump on it. Enter the next chamber.

Drop down on the FLOOR (Finally!) And run to the left. You’ll finally find the bowl of Secret Ingredient. Grab it and head back to the right. Once you get to the moving platform, drop dead like a stone. I’m JOKING! Fall into the hole and get the chicken bone. Kidding! It’s an ancient bone from the ancient ruins. Sheesh, does everything have to have the word ‘ancient’? Well, climb up the shark statue again, up the swinging platform and back to the left. Above where the secret ingredient used to be will be a rope. Climb up and you’ll find yourself up near the shark fin vendor. WHAT?! I spent all the time to get the ingredients and I could’ve just dug a hole here and gone straight at ‘em?! Grr….. Anyway, chill, and go back outside the Ancient Ruins temple. Haven’t I seen enough of that temple to last forever? -_-

Anyway, push the large square block to the vine up the coconut tree. This is child labor! I’m underage! Jump up the vine and climb up. Climb another vine after that. Climb the third vine and go up. Phew! Water anyone? Climb up MORE vines until you reach the top of the coconut tree. Put your Grass Skirt on. Then, talk to the crazy looking Poptropican wearing a kabookidoo mask a.k.a. the Medicine Man. Please don’t ask me what a kabookidoo is, I just got it from a Power Ranger Ninja Storm episode. I don’t even know if I spelled it right. Back to Poptropica, then, he’ll take the Ancient BoneSecret Ingredientand Carbonated Coconut Milk. He’ll put all of them in a cauldron and cook up some sort of mixture. That looks poisonous, dude! And he puts the mixture in a coconut! Dude, are you sure I’m supposed to feed the Great Booga, this?! Oh well 😐

Rush to the right in Booga Bay. Swim to the right until you reach a small island with a fisherman on it. Click on the steering wheel of a boat near the coconut cannon and shoot a coconut. The coconut that will be shot out will be the one that Mr. Kabookidoo gave to you. Mr. Not-So-Terrifying Booga jumps out and eats it. He turns green and falls asleep. Swim right again until you reach another small island. Go right. You’ll find Professor Hammerhead and the son of a local islander on the island. Talk to Professor Hammerhead and he’ll ask you to lead them back to the mainland. Hey, I’m just an ordinary tourist! Not a real live Poptropica tour guide! Guide them back to the mainland, anyway. To the left obviously. They’ll follow you, in really funny ways. You can have some fun before going back to the mainland.

You guide Professor Hammerhead back to the mainland and the mother of the boy will thank you. Professor Hammerhead congratulates you and gives you the island medallion. Congratulations, you just finished Shark Tooth Island! (Finally!)

You get 50 Poptropica credits and the Shark Tooth Island Medallion. Next stop, Time Tangled Island!


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