Super Villain Island

Getting to the Jail

1. Climb up the scaffolding to the top building where it says CONTROL ROOM. Enter and go right.
2. Talk to the person and then exit. There is a helicopter waiting for you.
3. When landing, whenever you see a cloud flash, quickly move out of the way before your parachute gets hit by lightning. Try to get hit less than 4 times.
4. Swim right and climb up the rocks. When you see the rock by the security camera, jump and the doors will open. Enter.
5. Go right and talk to the security guard. You will pass the security scans.
6. Enter the guard room, then take the elevator by pressing the up button and entering. You pass various evil characters from Poptropica islands. When you land, go down and talk to the guy with glasses and white beard.  (this is where you get the lab coat for your costume)

Getting Black Widow’s Totem
1. Enter Captain Crawfish’s dream. You have to avoid touching the sleeping pirates, or you start over. Jump onto the swinging chandelier. Jump left and pick up the ORANGE KEY.
2. Jump down and go left. Climb down, avoiding the swinging anchor. Go right and click on the orange chest. You pick up the stopwatch. You will not lose this if you have to restart now. Now go slightly right and jump up and pick up the GREEN KEY. Climb back up.
3. Now climb to the green chest and click on it. You pick up grog-band turpentine. 

4. Click “wake up”. Now go into Dr. Hare’s dream.
5. You see Dr. Hare being carried away by red ants. Use your pickaxe, clicking on each block several times before it disappears. Keep on climbing down, avoiding the red ants. If you are near a red ant, quickly click on it to kill it.
6. Keep on mining downwards. The blue ants automatically break the blocks on their own, so you will have several encounters with them. Keep on going down, until you hit a line of all metal, which you can’t mine through. Go left and pick up the empty sprayer. Wake up!

7. Finally go into Black Widow’s dream. She has destroyed a whole bunch of paintings. Talk to her, then put the turpentine into the sprayer. She gets very upset, and sends down spiders, which knock you down. Quickly click on the first painting, the Picasso.
8. Avoid the spiders and spray several times on all of the red letters to make them go away. Once you’ve gotten all of them, the spiders slowly go away. Now go to the upper left of the painting and pick up the shrinking potion. Then exit at the upper right of the painting.
9. The next painting you want to jump into is the Van Gogh. Same as before, use the sprayer to get rid of the paint. This time, when you’re done, grab thecrystal key from the upper right of the painting. The exit is one of the upper left yellow stars, which you have to climb to.
10. Now enter the 3rd painting, the Monet. Again, spray the paint. There’s nothing you have to get this time, so just exit through one of the larger purple flowers in the upper right.
11. When you come out, the Black Widow is REALLY MAD. She chases you around and tries to knock you down. Avoid the spiders and her and get to the self-portrait of her. spray it until it drips away, and so does the Black Widow. Pick up the paintbrush totem. 3 more to go!

Getting Binary Bard’s Totem
1. Enter Binary Bard’s dream. The door on the right opens and closes so you can’t get through. Luckily, you picked up the stopwatch, which freezes time! Equip it and press SPACE when the door is open. You can run through, as well as Mordred.
2. When you go through the next door, an owl chases you. Quickly get through the next door and close it behind you so he can’t follow you.
3. Now there is a mechanical mouse. Freeze it so it is near the small block, where it is coming out of its hole. Jump on top of it, then over the block. Enter the next room.
4. Now there are plants spinning around – one flat side and one spiky. Freeze time when it is flat-side up, and jump on, and over. You need to move right, up, and left. Then you get to 3 spiky plants in a row. Now you need to time it so at least 2 of them are facing up, and you can jump to the next platform.
5. Keep on moving left, and you pick up the diamond drill. Go slightly more left, then up, where there is a giant crystal vault door. Use the crystal key to open it.
6. It turns out Mordred is Binary Bard! Dodge the red razors he throws at you. There are bolts of electricity coming from 3, 6, 9, and 12 on the clock, so freeze time when it is coming at any of those. Do this a few times and Binary Bard disappears, dropping his totem. Pick it up and you automatically exit the dream.

Getting Dr. Hare’s Totem
1. Equip your diamond drill, which you’ll be needing later. The same as before, work your way down, avoiding the ants. The diamond drill can go through metal, so keep on going.
2. When you get to the bottom middle, you see Dr Hare tied up with red ants flying around. These ones can’t hurt you, so go down. Make sure you land on the few blocks in the middle, or you have to restart.
3. Click away the few blocks and you got Dr Hare’s totem. One more to go!

Getting Captain Crawfish’s Totem
1. Same as before, avoid the sleeping pirates. This time you want to climb right and up, where there is a tiny ship in a bottle.
2. Use your shrinking potion and you automatically jump into the bottle. Now you want to break the glass.
3. Still avoiding the pirates, jump right and up, where there is a pirate moving back and forth. When he is far left, click the wooden board and it locks him in.
4. Do the same for the pirate above him, then climb down, below the main level you started on. To the right there is a cannon. Making sure the other pirates you didn’t lock in are out of the way, shoot the cannon. It breaks the glass and you have gotten your last totem.

At the Lab
1. Guess what – you just gave Zeus the 4 most powerful sources of evil in all of Poptropica! Oops. Now you have to defeat him again. Sound familiar? All 4 villains swim away, and you see reports of all the islands in disaster. Wait a bit, and Poseidon gives you his trident to defeat Zeus.
2. Same as in Mythology Island, you have pink clouds as your energy source. The first thing you want to do is shoot at all 4 totems until they drop, avoiding Zeus and collecting pink clouds when necessary. Once you’ve gotten all of them, follow Zeus everywhere, firing relentlessly. If you shoot constantly, he has no way to shoot back.
3. Now he decides to take control of the statue. Shoot at the eyes, until they turn whiter and whiter, avoiding the falling objects from the sky. Finally, Zeus gives up, and he is put in the dream machine. For all your help, one of the guards gives you your ISLAND MEDALLION!


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