Episode 1: Crash Landing

Survival Island Guide (Episode 1: Crash Landing) written by Scary Plug. Special thanks to the PWSP and the Poptropica Help Blog (HPuterpop & SamWow5)  for some of the pics.

Head off to Survival Island if you’re not there yet. There’ll be a cutscene where your Poptropican is in a blimp and suddenly thunderstorms raided Poptropica all over.


And the next thing you know you’re stuck in a tree, along with your parachute. Click on yourself/your parachute backpack to let go and drop down to the ground.

You might notice a thermometer icon on the bottom-left of your screen. If you don’t move for a while your temperature (as seen in the thermometer) drops down. So keep movin’!


In other words, if you don’t move you’ll freeze. Nuff said.

Now you need to survive the wilderness. And to survive, you need… the mighty survival handbook! If you see one, go grab it.

But unfortunately, the handbook has missing pages. They are scattered around the island, so go look for them. They are 6 pages you need to find.

Once you’ve collected all of them, examine the handbook to learn how to survive.

Uhh… so in the handbook it says you need to build a fire. But before building a fire, you need the elements. Continue reading this guide if you want to know how to get ‘em.

Jump onto this weak lil’ branch so it’ll fall and break. Then grab it, ‘cuz it’s one of the elements to build a fire.

Wait… I thought it was a branch. xD

Turn up your volume (unless it’s already up to the max) and listen to the sound of a woodpecker. Follow the sound. Once you see the noisy bird and the bird sees you, it’ll fly away. Continue stalking following the bird to four different places.

The woodpecker finally stops at the last tree. It pecks the trunk of the tree and annoys a squirrel living inside it. The squirrel runs away, so now you can pick up its nest.

Go right to the next area and pick up the wet kindling.

Go right to the next area (again). Go inside the fallen tree trunk and grab the pair of mittens.

Go to Main Street and go to the left to the next area. See dat ax in da tree stump? Wear your mittens and pull it out. But unfortunately, you only manage to pull out its handle.

Hop onto the tree branches and you should see a parachute backpack. Pull its handle, climb it & click on it. Then something falls onto into the ground.

Drop down & click on the hole.

Dig through the snow with your mitten to find a striker.

Go back to the area where you found the mittens. Use the ax handle you found earlier to push the huge boulder. Push it about three times til’ you can’t push it anymore (when it’s un-clickable).

Walk a bit to the right and you should see a cave. There’s something sparkly and shiny in front of it, so pick it up. Turns out it’s a piece of flint.

Enter the cave. It’s dark, and there’s a pair of eyes that belong to an angry creature, but don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging. 😉 Luckily, you don’t have to fret, ‘cuz there’s a pic edited by HP and SW5 that will help you cross the angry creature in no time!

Once you’ve get pass the creature, walk a little bit to the right to get the dry kindling. Then, exit the cave (avoid the creature once again).

Stand behind the boulder you recently pushed. Then click on the fire icon on the bottom-left of your screen.

Follow these steps to build a warm & toasty fire.

stepstocomplete copy

After building one, you get what you deserve – a medallion. Congrats! 😀

Then you take a nap.

Woah… what the heck?! o_O Somebody’s watching meee…

 Episode 2: Hook, Line and Sinker

Written by Scary Plug.

Head off to Survival Island if you’re not there yet. There should be a cutscene where you go down a rope and land onto a tree branch.

Like in the last episode, there’s a handbook you need to find. But in this episode, the handbook teaches you how to fish. Find it and examine it, and you should notice that some pages are missing. They are scattered around the island, and there are three you need to pick up.

An example.

Walk to the left a bit and click on the piece of stone. It should reveal some wriggly worms. Pick up the worms for the fish bait.

Now find another stone similar to the one above and click on it. It should reveal some pillbugs; click on them to pick them up.

After that, jump onto the tree branches to reach the cliff on the left. Pick up the fisherman costume on the tree stump (note that this is optional).

Then click on the horizontal log near the tree stump. It should reveal an entrance. Go down and then go left to the next area.


Run to the left and you should see some beavers and a hook. Jump onto the logs floating in the water and jump onto the heap of logs on the left to drain the water.

The annoying beavers will try to plug the holes and cause the water to stop draining, so jump onto the log above the beavers to knock ‘em out till the water drains completely.

Now you can grab the hook.

Now go to the left and you should see a flat stone. Click on it and it’ll reveal some grubs. Pick ‘em up.

Head off to the next area and pick up the fishing pole on the tree branch.

Locate a flat stone (similar to the ones above) and push it until it falls and fits into a hole.

Then push the tree trunk below-

Find a huge boulder and push it so that it’ll roll down and smash the frozen ice above the river.

Now head off to the left to the next area. Push all of the push-able tree trunks. The last one will work as a raft that will help you cross the river.

Jump onto the raft and let it float. When you see a boot on a tree branch, jump up to pick it up. You will get a shoelace.

Go to the left and jump onto the highest branch of a tree that has a shoe stuck inside it. Stand at EXACTLY where I stand below. Use the hook and the shoelace you obtained earlier and then equip the fishing pole. Press spacebar and you should reel in the boot inside the tree trunk. Now you have yet another shoelace.

Now go back to the area where you smashed the frozen ice above the river with the huge boulder. Use the second shoelace and the worms for the fish bait. Stand at the edge near the river and then press spacebar. You should reel in a fish. Hooray! Food! 😀

Congratulations, you have completed Survival: Ep. 2! 😀 Now enjoy your meal. ^-^

But there’s more to that. Looks like someone is watching you.

Who are they?

Episode 3: Distress Signal

Video Walkthrough

Recorded and edited by Scary Plug.


Written Guide

Written by Scary Plug. Special thanks to Magic Fire for telling me how to open the crate of lemons! 😆

Head off to Survival Island if you’re not there yet. Grab the hard hat stuck in the tree branch, then put it on.

Go to the right (at the radio tower) and grab the wire.

Now go left to the middle, where there’s this fuse box thingy and grab the note.

Go right to the next scene and jump onto the tree branches. You should see a wrecked plane or jet or whatever. Go inside the plane/jet/whatevs from the back and pick up the manifest.

(The manifest is at the outside of the plane/jet/whatevs because a glitch occurred)

Go in deeper (to the left/to the front of the plane or jet) and try to pick up the radio. Unfortunately, the plane/jet will fall and you’ll slide out of it. Dang. Whatevs. Continue making your way to the right and go to the next scene.

Run to the right and you should see a pole(?). Jump onto the right side of the pole causing it to fall into the freezing water. Now it’s a bridge. Stand on the left side of the bridge till it’s way down… then run to the right side and JUMP!!! …and you should land on the ground. Head off to the next scene.

In the next scene, jump onto the tree branches of the tree on the right. From there, jump onto the nearest tree. Go inside the wrecked plane/jet and pick up a nail from the nail box. Then drop down and pick up the pocket knife lying on a branch.

Now climb back onto the tree on the right and jump onto the branch with the rope attached. Use the mini-saw (option 1) from the pocket knife. Now the branch will be detached from the tree. Jump onto the branch till it’s way down and use the mini-saw again. The crate full of lemons will fall and break when it reaches the ground.(Thanks Magic Fire for helping me out!) Pick up one of the scattered lemons, then go to the left to the next scene.

Use the mini-saw on the tree you first see, and it’ll fall into the river next to the pole. Click on the bag attached to the tree and dig through the coins until you find a penny made in 1981.

Now go left to the next scene.

Jump onto the tree branch near the plane and use the mini-saw. The plane will fall again. Go inside the plane from the back and pick up the radio.

The plane will fall for yet ANOTHER time, but this time, the plane will face down. Jump onto the chairs to get out of the plane. It’ll fall into the ravine, but who cares anyway. Now go back to the area where there’s the radio tower.

Time to assemble the radio! Before you do, make sure you have all of the things needed (nail, lemon, wires and uh, the radio, of course). To assemble the radio, click on ASSEMBLE on the radio card.

Attach the penny and nail to the lemon, then attach the red wire to the penny and the black one to the nail, like this.

You’ll have the complete radio.

Go to the middle of the radio tower and pull the lever near the fuse box thingy.

Climb onto the steps, then jump onto the platform above. Un-screw the caps off the platform by using the screw (third option) from the pocket knife. If there aren’t any screws, then just click on the loose cap. 😛 Now find a way to get onto the pulley platform above (hint: try doing the same method as the pole-bridge-in-the-freezing-river one above).

Climb the ladder, and then un-screw the loose caps. Use the un-balanced platform to get on the ladder. Climb the steps and make your way up to the top of the radio tower.

Now use the radio to signal for help. The other person on the line will send a chopper to save you. You’ll ask who they are, and they’ll say they’re Myron Van Buren (…wait… didn’t the manifest told you not to trust MVB?!). Once the conversation ends, you’ll obtain your medallion. Congrats! 😀 The chopper will arrive after a few seconds and you’ll climb into the heli… but where is MVB taking you? Are you gonna be safe?

Only time will tell.


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