Time Tangled Island

Walk to the right to Pendulum’s Lab. Awkward name. Reminds you of something. A woman is crying just outside. Talk to her and she’ll tell you that there’s been a time malfunction and the ‘future is in peril’ Well, sorry, but I’m just a tourist! Not a scientist! I’m not Professor Pendulum! WHY did he have to take a vacation on Shark Tooth Island at the wrong time? -_-

Follow her anyway into the Lab. Once you get inside, run to the right and you’ll see the woman. Talk to her again and she’ll give you a printout on what to do to activate the Future machine. Aw, c’mon, can’t you guys just activate it? Follow the instructions on the printout and enter the time machine. You end up in a dusty desert. Run to the left and what do you see? The fifty-year younger you. Okay, sorry! You can pick the first and second options to learn more, but to speed things up, just pick the third option. And if you click the sign near the old you, guess what it reads?

After you click the third chat option, the Future you will give the Present you a pocket watch.

Seriously -_-  The moment you receive the Time Travel Device aka the pocket watch, it will appear on the lower left corner. Click it and then the inside of the watch will be revealed to you. Click the picture of the man wearing climbing goggles and press the knob.

Mount Everest, 1953 AD

AGH! It’s snowing! Oh, of course it’s snowing, you’re on Mount Everest. At the time of the first successful expedition on it. Oh well, make sure you brought a coat. You’ll need one. Kidding! Back to business, run to the right until you reach the end then jump up to the next icy platform. This time, run carefully. Watch the floor carefully, when you see a part of the floor that seems to have only ice on it, jump, or you’ll fall back down to an icy death. JOKING!  You’ll just fall back down the first icy platform. After you’ve successfully jumped the ice trap, keep running to the left until you see more icy platforms. Once you see ‘em, jump. Once you’re on the top platform, jump to the right. Jump to the right again once you see another platform to the right. Run all the way to the right.

Aw, is this another dead end? Lucky you! There’ll be a YELLOW rope right on top of you. Jump up and climb to the top. Go up Mount Everest.

Jump off the rope and to the right icy platform. If you keep running to the right, you’ll see two Poptropicans. Talking to them is optional for now. You can click on those thingamajig circles if you want to learn more about that expedition. Run to the right until you reach a wall. Jump up the platforms just above you until you see another yellow rope. How did that get there? Maybe the Poptropicans climbed back down after Edmund lost his climbing goggles. Climb it as usual.

Jump off the rope to the left. and suddenly, AAGH! An icicle hits you. You better move fast in this part. Keep jumping carefully. Avoid the icicles or they’ll knock you down. Once you reach the top, you’ll see a statue. What the?! How did the Statuette of Liberty get here?! Grab it and time travel yourself to another dimension. Here goes 😐

Statue of Liberty, 1882 AD

You arrive in a construction zone. Wow, I can’t believe it! The Statue of Liberty! And you can see it! Run to the left and go into the Gaget, Gauthier et Cie. When you’re inside, run to the right and tell the man in the corner, ‘I have your study model!’ The time period will be repaired. And guess what? You still got work to do -_-

Cheer up. Go back outside and go a little left from the house. You’ll see a barrel. Jump on the barrel and jump on the roof of the workshop. From the roof, jump onto the Statue of Liberty’s head. Sorry, Miss Liberty! I had to do it, you know! Jump up again to a supporting beam, and another after that.

On the second supporting beam or whatever that piece of wood is, jump as far and as high as you can to the left. If you did it correctly, you should land on a small wooden platform with a Notebook on it. Take the notebook and Disapparate to another time period. Sorry about the HP book terms.

Leonardo Da Vinci, 1516 AD

Wow, you can actually talk to Da Vinci! But you better focus on your task first. Too bad 😦Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. Run to the left until you see a waterfall. Jump on the rocks near it, and make your way to the top by jumping on the rock platforms. Once you’re at the last rock platform, jump to the right. Walk to the right and jump to a wooden platform. Then jump on one of the contraption’s small wooden platforms. It will go down and the other platform at the top will go up, easily within a jump’s reach. Jump on the second wooden platform and you’ll go down to the left. Once it stops moving, jump as far as you can to the left. 

If you did it correctly, you should now be on a grassy platform aka on earth. If not, just keep trying. Run to the left once you’re on the grass. You’ll see a workshop with the sign ‘Leo’s Workshop’. Go inside. Run to the left until you see a rope. Climb it. Once you reach the end of the rope, jump off to the right. You’ll land on one of Da Vinci’s inventions. Jump to the right again and you’ll land on the top wooden platform in the workshop. Talk to Leonardo Da Vinci.

Yes, that’s right. Leonardo Da Vinci is talking to you! Too bad time travel machines don’t exist in this dimension yet. Bummer -_- Select the third option if you want to speed things up. If you don’t bother extra time here, start with the first or second option. After you tell him ‘I found your notebook’, the time period will be repaired and Da Vinci will give you a prototype of one of his inventions aka the original hang-glider. Put it on.

WARNING: Putting the hang-glider on will remove anything you’re wearing on your back.

After putting it on, fall back to the wooden platform near the waterfall. Take a running start and glide through the air. If you did it perfectly, you should glide towards the second wooden platform where a Poptropican is. You’ll see something hanging below the second platform. Grab it. And guess what it is? Another missing item from another time period. Great -_- Anyway, you get the Peace Medal. Next stop… a forest?!

Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1805 AD

You arrive in a… creepy forest. But wait, there are Poptropicans around! Historical Poptropicans. Talk to Lewis, the Poptropican with brown hair in a braid and a brown hat. If you’re not in a rush, you can pick the first and second options. If you really want to hurry up finish the island, always click the third green option.

You say ‘I found the Peace Medal!’ He’ll take it and the time period will be repaired. Just as you think to teleport to another time period, I tell you that you still have to get the Stone Bowl. Jump on the tent and bounce up to a tree branch. When you’ve jumped to the uppermost branch on the tree, wait for a… beaver? I have no exact idea what animal pops out but it sure looks like one. Please forgive me, I’m shortsighted. When the I-Don’t-Exactly-Know-What-Animal-It-Is pops out of the tree, it’ll have the Stone Bowl on his head. Once its head pops out jump up and grab the bowl. Then… oh, you know what you do next 😉

Great Wall of China, 1593 AD

You’ll arrive in a not-so-idle construction area. The Great Wall of China is being constructed 😯 Run all the way to the right until you see a barrel of Gunpowder. Take it and then go back to the left and start climbing up the platforms. One of the wooden platforms is in range of falling bricks, so be careful or you’ll have to jump back up the platforms again.

Make your way up to the right. You should now be on a brick floor and seeing a Chinese Poptropican wearing an Amulet. Talk to him and he’ll tell you if you beat him in a simple *snort* memory game, he’ll give you the Amulet. Well, what can you do? Play and beat him. The key to beating the memory game is to put all your attention in it. After you beat him, he’ll give you the Amulet.

Now run to the left edge of the brick platform. You should see a wooden, unsteady platform not far away from where you’re standing right now. Jump high to the right. You should land on the wooden platform. Move to the left edge again, don’t worry, you won’t fall. You should see a rope. Jump up and climb it. Jump off the rope to the left. You are now standing on a wooden platform. Jump off to the left and you are seeing another Chinese Poptropican with a helmet. Talk to him and say ‘I have the Stone Bowl!’

He’ll take it from you and start sending smoke signals. *cough* It’s time to cruise. *cough* *vanishes into thin air*

Viking Era , 831 AD

You reappear on a Viking Ship. AGH! It’s raining cats and dogs! Run to the right to take shelter!!! Phew, calm down. Talk to the Viking captain, the one in the picture. Sorry about the green color. I gave the Amulet before I took a picture of the pocket watch. Just tell him, ‘I found the Amulet!’ and the time period will be repaired.

Extra Items

Climb up the stone platforms. Put your Glider on. On the last long platform, where the cave is, jump off the edge with a running start. If you did it correctly, you should have landed on a tall stone with a Viking costume on it. Get the costume.

After you get the Viking costume, click the rocks at the cave to use your gunpowder. It will cause the rocks to shatter, opening the cave. Go inside.

The cave is a real difficult maze. If you want a full picture of the cave and the way to find the Golden Vase, I strongly recommend that you should check Poptropica Secrets. Well, here goes my blurry, not-very-detailed way  to get the Golden Vase. By the way, the credit goes to the Poptropica Help Blog and Poptropica Secrets for making the walkthroughs I used when I did this island.

Make your way to the upper-right, which is pretty easy. Do your best to avoid puddles of water, since by observation and belief, your torch grows dimmer if you land on one. Once you’re at the right, drop down to the floor. You should end up on some sort of platform. Slowly walk to the left until you see a platform in the WATER. Jump on to that platform, carefully. There will be another after that and another. Once you see another torch, you’ll know it’ll be the last platform. Jump again and grab the other torch, the cave will brighten up. You’ll then see the Golden Vase. Take it. And according to the Poptropica Help Blog, making your way back to the cave entrance is hard so just jump into the water to be automatically transported to outside the cave. Guess where next? Roman Empire 😯

Roman Empire, 328 BC

We’re almost done! I’m too tired to put a picture of the Roman soldier, so he’s got a golden helmet. Talk to the right guard of the Temple which is close to where you reappeared. Tell him ‘I have the Golden Vase!’ and he’ll tell you as a reward you can speak to the Oracle on the hill. I don’t fancy visiting Oracles much, but you don’t need to visit this Oracle. Jump up on the white statue near an old Poptropican and jump on the roof of the Temple. You’ll find a Phonograph. You know very well who invented that.

Edison’s Workshop, 1877 AD

Click the Poptropican with normal dark brown hair.

Run all the way to the left until you see a motor wagon. Click the red and white circle thing on it. You’ll start moving back to the right. The motor wagon will stop at a tree trunk. Jump up the tree branches until you’re at the branch that extends all the way to the roof. Run across the roof until you see a colorful Sun Stone Piece stuck in one of the chimneys. Take it and drop down to the ground. Enter the workshop. Jump on any light and jump up the next floor. If you jumped up the left light, you should see Thomas Edison immediately. If you jumped up the first light you saw, you’re going to have to jump across the floors in order to see Thomas Edison. It’s really Thomas Edison!

Tell him ‘I have your phonograph!’ and one of the last time periods will be repaired. Next stop, Aztec Empire *gasp*

Aztec Empire, 1519 AD

Click on the Poptropican wearing a hat with feathers.

Run all the way to the right. Watch out for the temple guards. they’ll knock you down. The best way to avoid them is to jump, they can’t jump. Jump up the place they’re guarding, you’ll find a Poptropican wearing a hat with feathers like the on in the pocket watch. Tell him ‘I have the Sun Stone Piece!’ The time period will be repaired. Guess what? You’re still not finished 😐

Run to the right and fall down. Jump up to the temple just at the right. You’ll soon see an old woman holding an Aztec Headdress. Talk to her and she’ll give it to you. Put it on. Head back to the left where the temple guards are. They won’t attack you any longer. Talk to the one wearing Climbing Goggles. He’ll give them to you. Next stop? I think you already know.

Return to Mount Everest, 1953 AD

Climb up Mount Everest again. But this time, talk to the Poptropican without climbing goggles and tell him, ‘I found your goggles!’. Time period repaired. Blah blah blah -_- *yawn* Sorry about the grumpy mood. I’m sleepy.

The Graff House, 1776 AD

Click the picture with a Poptropican wearing a black hat and a brown braid.

Climb up to the house’s windows and grab the Salt Rocks stuck in the chimney. How come some of the items are stuck on the roof or chimneys?! Oh well. Bewared the prickly hedgehogs, they’ll knock you down if you go near them. *disappears*

Mali Empire, 1387 AD

Click the picture with a woman wearing a pink turban.

Run to the right until you see a wooden, pointy, platform. Jump up the platforms. I’m tired, can’t we rest? *sits* *snake lunges and misses* EEK!!! Let’s jump up NOW!!! Well, avoid the snakes. Keep jumping up until you see a Poptropican wearing a white turban. Tell him, ‘I found your salt rocks!’ Time period repaired. Fall back down on the ground. *groan* Not yet finished.

Run all the way to the right until a wooden wall is blocking your way. Jump up the clay ground just above you. Carefully jump on the next platform because there’s a snake right next to it! If the snake didn’t reach you, phew! If it did, bummer, keep trying! Jump up and to the right, you should land on a wooden pointy platform. On this platform, jump up and to the left. Be careful again, there’s a snake on this platform too -_-

You should be seeing a platform made out of round-edged pieces of wood just up the right. You know the drill. Another one after that. Once you’re at the top circle platform, jump as far as you can to the right. You will end up on the other side of the clay wall.

Walk to the right and enter the Timbuktu Inn. Walk a bit to the right until you see a white shelf. Jump on it and jump up again to reach the second floor. Talk to the Poptropican wearing white clothes and a white turban. He’ll show you the document he is trading. Big surprise, one of them is the Declaration of Independence. He says if you can piece a painting for him, he’ll give it to you. It’s not very hard, just piece it together and he’ll give it  to you.

Return to the Graff House, 1776 AD

Go inside the house, avoiding a few hedgehogs along the way. Run to the right, until you see a room with a messed up bed. Jump up. Talk to Thomas Jefferson. Another historical Poptropican. Wow, I surely wish time machines were real 😐 Back to business then.

Tell Jefferson, ‘I have the Declaration!’ Hip hip HOORAY! All the time periods are fixed! FINALLY!

Present, 2012

Go back to the Lab. Activate the Future machine again and enter the future.

Future, 2062

WOW! This place is the exact opposite of the Future before! And better than the Present! Run to the right until you see a blue tube that blows you up the air to the Monorail Stop. Wait for it to come and jump on it. As you soon as you see another Monorail up the top jump on the middle of your current Monorail. You’ll float up to the next Monorail. Once you reach the very left on your second Monorail. You’ll see a grassy platform. Jump up on it. On the platform is ANOTHER platform. But it’s a hover platform. Once you jump on the hover platform, it’l take you to the top of a Sky building. Jump onto the grassy platform on the left and enter your Sky Home.

Talk to the future you and she/he will give you 50 Poptropica Credits and the island medallion! Congratulations, you just finished Time Tangled Island! With the help of Poptropica Help Blog and Poptropica Secrets, of course. Thanks, Slanted Fish and Fierce Moon! Next stop, *snore*. *poke* Wha?! Oh yeah, next stop, 24 Carrot Island! For now, have a good day/night!


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