Vampire’s Curse Island

Vampire’s Curse island was announced on February 7, 2012 by Captain Crawfish on Poptropica’s official blog. He mentioned that the island would leave you “thunderstruck”, however, here’s the written walkthrough in case you get stuck.

Vampire’s Curse Island Walkthrough

When you first arrive on Vampire’s Curse Island, talk to the woman crying right next to where you land. She will tell you that her darling daughter Katya is missing. She and her boyfriend both disappeared. You’ll see a pop-up message telling you that two teenagers have been kidnapped by Count Bram and that you need to go to his castle to rescue them and win the island medallion. You can talk to the villagers here to learn more of the story behind Katya and Christopher’s disappearance. You’ll also discover that the teenagers in this village are obsessed with vampires. But hey, who isn’t?

Run to the right and leave this area to go to the cliffs and Bram’s Castle. Head to that area and walk to the right, where you’ll find Christopher sitting on a rock. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that Count Bram took Katya away. He claims he tried to fight Count Bram off, but he couldn’t stop him from capturing her. Christopher doesn’t seem too upset–instead of offering to help with the rescue, he decides to go hang out with other cute girls in the village. So much for romance!

Jump up onto the rocks above. Suddenly, you’ll see a werewolf appear to the left. He will jump and knock you down. To fight him off, you need to first hide in the tree to the right and just below you. Go inside and then when the werewolf appears again, click on the branch on the left. The werewolf will be knocked out. Click on the tree again to exit.

Run to the right and jump up the steps. Make your way to the left by jumping from rope to rope. When you land on the large tree branch, another werewolf appears and knocks you down. You both fall, but when you land you’ll get a log in your inventory. It will come in handy later on. For now, go back up the steps and cross over the ropes one more time. When you reach the upper-left area, a third werewolf will appear and knock you down before running off to the right. He stops on the rope bridge and blocks your way. Run to the right until you get to the bridge and then click on it. You’ll cut the rope and the werewolf will plummet to the rocks below.

Jump down and to the right and then jump up the rope bridge, using it as steps to reach the top of the cliff. Then run to the right to reach the next area, the Castle Grounds.

You’ll be in a graveyard outside the castle. You can click on the graves to see who is buried there if you like. The interesting one is the tall tombstone. The inscription reads, here lies Lucy Westenrna. Lucy is a fictional character from the original novel, Dracula by Bram Stoker. Vampire’s Curse Island has a lot of references to the original novel and this is one of them. In the novel, Lucy was the victim of Count Dracula, who was slowly draining her of blood.

There’s a tomb with an open doorway here that leads into a mausoleum. Go inside and pick up the book and the crowbar. The book is a Teen Vampire Novel. It may have been left behind by Katya. No one knows why there would be a crowbar inside this tomb, but it’s going to come in very handy several times later on in this quest. Once both items are in your backpack, head back out of the tomb.

Go to the right and you’ll see a large ditch that cannot be crossed. We’re going to solve that problem. Walk a few steps back to the left and click on the drain pipe attached to the building. It will come off and you can carry it. Now place it down on the ground underneath the gargoyle statue by clicking again. Then jump up on the pump handle under the statue. This will cause the water to shoot out of the gargoyle’s mouth and into the drainpipe and then fill up the ditch below. You may need to move the pipe a little to the left or right to get the water to fall into it. Once the pit fills with water, you can swim across to the right. Then go through the stone arch to enter the next area.

When you arrive, the first thing to do is to push the rocks on top of the fountains outside the castle. By blocking off three of the jets, you’ll cause the water pressure on the last jet to be strong enough that you can ride it to the window ledge above. Two of the rocks are to the left. One is easy to push. The second requires you to use the crowbar to pry it out first. The third rock is up on a ledge to the right. Once all three rocks are in place, you’ll see a large jet of water. Jump on it and ride your way to the top.

As soon as you land in the room, you’ll be in front of the fireplace. Use the log and the Teen Vampire Novel on the fireplace and then jump on the bellows to the left 3 times. The fireplace will light up the room so you can see a bit more and you’ll see some purple candles to the right. Grab a candle and then use the fireplace to light the candle. Run to your right and you’ll see a bookcase ladder. Jump past it to get on the right of it and then push it all the way to the left hand side. Don’t worry about lighting another candle, you’ll know when you are at the end.

Run back to the fireplace and grab another candle and light it. Run to your left quickly and jump up the bookcase ladder to the platform above it. Stay all the way to the left and jump on the tiny platform above you. Then, jump to your upper-right and you’ll light the chandelier! There are 4 chandeliers up here, so you have 3 more to light up.

Fall back down and grab a candle, but don’t light it with the fireplace! Run to your left and jump up the ladder and get on the first chandelier that you already lit. Click the chandelier to light the candle and then jump to your upper right to the second chandelier and you’ll light it when you land on it. Drop back down and grab another candle, taking care not to light it with the fireplace again. Get back up to the second chandelier, then use it to light the candle. Jump to your right and you’ll land on the third chandelier and light it. One more to go! Fall back down one last time and grab a candle. Jump across to the third chandelier and light the candle. Then jump over to your right and you’ll land on a platform exactly like the one on the left side above the ladder. Run all the way to the wall on the right and jump up on the small ledge. Then, jump to your upper left and light the final chandelier. That’s better, now we can really see!

Jump down and run to your left and pick up the glass eye on the floor next to the knight. Continue to your left and pull the lever to close the small door. Jump up the ladder that is all the way on the left and get on the platform. Jump to your right and land on the first bookcase. Notice how the tiger is missing an eye? You have one! Use your glass eye and the tiger will open its mouth to reveal a key! Take the key and run to the left. Use the key to unlock the door next to your ladder and enter the next room.
The Armory

Enter the Armory and grab the crossbow from the wall, you’ll need it a few times during the Vampire’s Curse Island, but not just yet! Run to your left until you see the cannon. Grab one of the cannon balls below and you will put it into the cannon. Run to your right to go back into the room with the fireplace, grab a candle, light it with the fireplace and run quickly into the armory and touch the candle to the fuse on the cannon to make it go off. Repeat this process for the other two cannon balls and the cannon will shoot a cannon ball back into the fireplace room, which you’ll need later. The third cannon ball will blow the ceiling out.

Jump up into the hole in the ceiling and grab the water bucket. Drop down and run to your right back into the fireplace room. Run all the way to your right until you see the chained door. Use your crowbar to pry open the door and go through the door. You’ll be back where you entered the castle with the fountain! Use the bucket to collect the water from the fountain and re-enter the door. Head back to the armory and jump above the cannon.

Equip your crossbow and press the spacebar to shoot your arrows into the left wall, building a ladder of arrows that you can use to jump up to the level above. This will take a few tries, so don’t get frustrated, just keep trying and you’ll get there! Once you are up, use the bucket of water to water the small plant and then use the crowbar to break open the boards in front of the window. The plant will grow very quickly into a huge beanstalk, and you can jump out of the window.
The Laboratory and the Cage

Run to your right and go up the stairs and climb the beanstalk to the first doorway. Enter the doorway and you’ll be in the laboratory. You’ll be visiting this place a few more times throughout this island! Run to your right and pick up Count Bram’s Notebook and then click the tomato in the container so that your head turns into a flying tomato and float up to the top of the bookcase on your left and get the Garlic hidden behind the jug on the upper right of the bookcase.

Exit the lab through the wooden door below the bookcase and run across the bridge to enter the next room. You’ll enter the room and notice that the girl teenager that you are trying to rescue is locked in a cage, hanging high above the top of the room. Talk to the teenager (Katya) and make sure to ask her all 3 questions.
Root Causes and Finding the Mandrake Root

Katya tells you that we need to cure Count Bram’s vampirism and that the Root Causes book will help us find all the ingredients for the cure. Head out of her room to the left and back into the laboratory. Head outside on the left and then drop all the way down to the bottom of the castle. Run to your right and go in the main doors back into the room with the fireplace and chandeliers.

You’ll need to move the ladder over to the right, in front of the fireplace, if it is still along side the left wall. Jump up to the top of the ladder and then over to your right on top of the bookshelf. Click the green book on the right at the top of the book shelf to get the Root Causes book. You can examine the book to see what you’ll need, but you don’t have to. Jump down from the bookshelf and head back through the main doors on your right outside.

Run to your left and go through the archway. From the platform you are on, take out your crossbow and shoot 3-4 arrows into the wall on your right so you can use the arrows as a stepladder to climb up to the top where you’ll see a platform containing the mandrake root. This will take a few tries because the arrows keep falling out quickly, but you’ll get it if you keep trying! A hint is to start with the bottom arrow and then move up, since the first arrow will fall out first.
Heating the Cannonball

Now that you have the mandrake root, head back through the archway and run to your right and enter the castle through the main entrance again. Run to your left and jump over the cannonball. Then, push the cannonball to your right until it reaches the fireplace. You will notice that the cannonball will heat up and you won’t be able to touch it without being burned. Pick up the fire poker just on the right of the fireplace and use it to push the cannonball to your left. It will roll into the dummy elevator (small box to the left of the suit of armor) just under the lever.

Go through the door on the left and enter the Armory. Make your way up to the top of the armory and through the hole in the ceiling and out the window, back to the laboratory. Run to your right and pull the lever to bring the red-hot cannonball up in the dummy elevator. It will roll out underneath the beaker containing Wolfsbane and begin to heat it, which will create the melted Wolfsbane that you need to complete the serum!
Creating the Serum

Now that you have all the ingredients, you can complete the serum and cure Count Bram’s vampirism! Click the microscope and use your syringe on the ingredients in this exact recipe:

1 click Mandrake Root
3 clicks Wilted Wolfsbane
3 clicks Garlic Extract

Once you have completed the recipe, it will give you a syringe containing the serum for Count Bram. Head through the door just to your left and go into the room containing the locked-up teenager. Jump up to her cage and she’ll realize you have the serum and give you a hint about the key in the room. Drop down to your right and you’ll notice a sparkly wand, click on it and click the bars and then use the stick to pull the key out of the locked area. Jump up to Katya’s cage and use the key to unlock her and let her out.
The Final Stand

Once she gets out, Count Bram the Vampire comes and threatens you both. You will jump out of the window and the teenager will tell you to follow her. Open up your inventory and equip the garlic so that you can keep Count Bram away from her. Try your best to keep up and follow all of her jumps as you make your way across and to the top of the tower.

Now that you are at the top of the tower, Bram will turn into a bat and try his best to foil your plan to help her escape. Aim the syringe at the bat and fire! Be careful, some Poptropicans report that you only get one shot with the syringe, so make it count or you may have to start this part over!

Once you have hit him with the serum, he will turn back into his human form and be reunited with his sweetheart. Congratulations, you have earned the Vampire’s Curse Island medal!

Bonus Quest Written Walkthrough

When you start the bonus quest, you will find out that Katya’s boyfriend Christopher is also a vampire! All of a sudden, Cactus Von Garlic, the vampire slayer will show up to save you both from the vampire! Unfortunately, he’s too late and he will bite you and turn you into a vampire bat and run away. Cactus Von Garlic begins to hunt you and Katya will run across the room and knock him out, telling you to fly away and find a way to remake the vampire cure for yourself. We’ll have to find the 3 ingredients again, but they are in different places!
Finding the Garlic

The garlic is one of the hardest ingredients to find in the bonus quest, which is funny, because it is basically right above you when you are turned into the bat in the fireplace room! To find the garlic, fly above the fireplace, just to the left of the second and third chandelier and you’ll notice a small hole, as shown in the picture on the right. Click the hole to fly into it.

You’ll enter a room filled with burning red hot spiders. Watch out, they’ll burn you and send you back to the entrance! The garlic is on your left, so just watch the pattern and take your time making it through them. You can fly above or below them, depending on your preference. Grab the garlic, exit the room, and now we’re off to get the second ingredient!
Finding the Wolfsbane

Cactus Von Garlic is still chasing you and he’ll be a bit annoying, but don’t worry about him. He might hit you with an arrow once in awhile, but it only hurts a little bit and you can keep going. Fly down to the ground level and then fly over to the right. Cactus Von Garlic is standing in front of the door, but you can still just fly through it and go outside. Once you’re outside, fly to your left, staying low, and go through the archway. Fly over to your left to the small building that had the gutter attached to it when you used it to redirect the gargoyle pump to fill up the spike pit with water. See the little hole at the top? Fly into it!

You’ll be inside the mausoleum that is filled with thorn-covered vines. Fly through the vines in a spiral pattern, being careful not to touch them and grab the Wolfsbane in the very center. Navigate through the vines and fly out of the building. One more ingredient to go!
Finding the Mandrake Root

Fly to your left and out of the graveyard, back to the area with the wolves from Part 1. Once you get to the bridge that you cut, fly down one level and fly over to your right. You’ll see a doorway that is blocked with rocks and wood. We’re now small enough to fly into it! Inside, you’ll see tons of roots growing inside but the one you need is all the way to your right. Navigate around the rocks until you reach the Mandrake Root on the bottom right, then fly back to your left and exit the area.
Making the Serum for Yourself

Now that we have all the ingredients and we already know the recipe, we just have to get back to the lab to cure our vampirism! From the Mandrake Root cave, fly up and then to your right to enter the graveyard. Fly all the way to your right and enter the archway. Fly to your right toward the main entrance of the castle, and then just fly up to the top and enter the lab. Once you get into the lab with all the ingredients, you will automatically cure yourself and Cactus Von Garlic will deem himself the “Vampire Savior”! Congratulations, you’ve beat every part of Vampire’s Curse Island!


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