Reblogging for now… but why?

I have actually thought about this… so I have decided to “reblog” some Poptropica updates from other blogs. I know that doesn’t sound original and professional but I actually have reasons, so please hear me out please:

  1. So there has been lots that haven’t been posted yet, and by lots I mean LOTS, and I really apologize for that.
  2. I’ve been REALLY REALLY busy lately because of (how do I phrase this in the simplest form) band and school and all that. It’s going to be really hard, considering I’m in 3 honors classes.
  3. That’s it

So, I hope you’ll understand. And sorry for the short post, heh heh.

– BC



Ha ha, sorry I’m posting this again xD but my friend’s desperate for 50k

What Might Have Been: Poptropica’s Concepts in 2006

Enjoy this post about how Poptropica was like before well… Poptropica

Poptropica Help Blog

Hey guys, BT here to talk about an interesting post on the Creators’ Blog, featuring a few words about Poptropica’s history from its founder, Jeff Kinney.

On today’s post, Jeff talked about how Poptropica was originally going to be like before it became the island-hopping adventures we know and love today. It turns out that Poptropica, as a first concept, was going to be just daily missions in single-scene rooms– even with a common room mixed in to it.

If you look at this picture, you’ll see a massive grid of tiny squares to represent these rooms, possibly representing the single-scene rooms you go through… and holy guacamole, that’s a lot of them. Another thing you may notice is that Poptropica’s signature color seemed to be originally yellow, much unlike the well-known light blue color that is currently associated with the game.

Also, there’s the inventory, which…

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Closing the Comment section and TTSOBC staying on

So, these are just some things I’m thinking about on the blog


Closing the comment section

Hey guys, so I’ve been deciding for a while, that I should close the comment section. Now, before you beg me with comments such as “Oh, please don’t close the comment section, please, please, PLEASE”, just read this whole post, and you’ll probably understand,

So, the reason I am closing the comment section is because it seems like no one else is commenting. But then again, peole view my blog without liking OR commenting my posts so…

Today, I went to look who comments and all that. Well not that much people really comment, which leaves me with the conclusion that I should close the comment section.

I mean, what’s the point of having a comment section if no one’s commenting?

TTSOBC staying on

Apparently, that’s what you all are wondering. I’m still writing episode two, which was before my trip so no duh I didn’t get it done. I’ll need to get going on that.

Also, each season will have 10 episodes, instead of 12. It’s just better to track with.


Bony Catfish (BC)