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If you have a cool Poptropica blog but your blog stats are not-so-satisfying, then why not advertise it here? Just don’t advertise somewhere else, because if you do, that means you’re breaking the rules.


Do you have a cool Poptropica blog but your blog stats are not-so-satisfying? Well, you’re in the right place! Welcome to the Pop 411’s Poptropica Web Directory, where you can browse through the wide range of Poptropica webpage made by Poptropicans like you! You can  place an ad for your own if you have one. Just click on the web titles to take a look. Enjoy surfing the Poptropica web!

Just comment or fill in the form and maybe you’re website might be included in this directory.

Popular Poptropica Sites

Besides the popular ones, we think these handpicked links are of quality and may also enhance your Poptropica experience. Check them out!

Recommended Poptropica Blogs

Here are just some Poptropica Blogs you would like if you like this blog. You can find them on the sidebar for quick access.

  1. Poptropica Help Blog :: cheats, secrets, walkthroughs
  2. Poptropica!.. And Stuff!
  3. Poptropica With Scary Plug
  4. Icy Fox’s Poptropica Blog
  5. Slippery Raptor’s Blog
  6. Top Pop
  7. Icy Comet’s Blog
  8. Super Thunder’s Blog
  9. Tough Icicle’s Blog (TIB): guides, glitches, and cheats!
  10. Poptropica Police Network
  11. Poptropica Tips For Poptropicans
  12. Welcome To The PNB!
  13. The Poptropica Package
  14. All Things Poptropica



  • The blog must be about Poptropica.
  • It may NOT have content that is copied from other website(s)
  • The blog mustn’t have any  inappropriate content (bad words, etc.)
  • The blog will be moderated by me (by me going to the website). If your blog it is approved, I will comment (or if you filled out the form, an email) back to you within 72 hours. If it is unapproved, I will comment (or email if you filled the form) you why it isn’t approved.
  • You may NOT add more than one blog.

Please fill out form in the same fashion as the example. Make sure when giving link you put http:// in the front, and space out so it is linked.

NOTE: The blogs will not be in any specific order. Bony Catfish has the right to delete any blog from this page, or even not add one to begin with if any content seems inappropriate to required standards of viewing on this blog.

Listed Links

And now for the rest of them – if you’ve got a Poptropica site, we’ll review it and put it here! They are listed in alphabetical order. Please be aware that some sites may no longer be current.

  1. The Poptropilaw
  2. iNameless



4 thoughts on “Advertise Your Blog

  1. Hey PopAwe asked me to see if you would remove PAw from the list. Thanks.

    Also, since iNameless doesn’t have all of my Poptropica stuff up yet, does that mean no advertisement?

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