I’m back (I think?) & Happy Valentines Day

Hey guys, your friend Bony Catfish aka BC here, who hasn’t been on here for a YEAR. Well, I’m kinda back- I am back but not really. Yes, I may have been on here not posting anything, but just to see how the blog’s been running so far, apparently the views are diving down low because of my inactivity. I legit missed  the blog’s one year anniversary (March 16 2014 🙂 ) which by the way is coming very soon, one month and two days! Well, anyways, I say that I’m kinda back because I’m on and off- I’m not necessarily here everyday because of school- by the way, time passed by fast, can’t you believe that I’m 12 years old halfway through 7th grade? Like dang, this blog started when I was 10, 10 and in 5th grade. Wow.

Well, anyways, I’m back (yay) but today’s the day- Happy Valentines Day ❤ ! Just kidding, I don’t like Valentines Day, but to all of you, Happy Valentine’s Day. Not too crazy about it but whatever  And of course, there’s always Poptropican Updates to give to you guys.

Let’s roll it! ➡

Love Is In the Air!

Poptropica has a brand new Valentine’s Day-themed booth and is now available in the Poptropica app! The booth can be found in the Home Island which by the way is a new feature in the desktop version. You can find the booth there too!

Once you open the photo booth, Poptropica gives you a heart-warming card greeting, straight from the heart 😉 !


Along with creating cards, you can add Valentines related props, backgrounds and characters onto your cards for that heartwarming poptropican effect which includes the Heart, Cupid, some UFOs, candy hearts and teddy bears ❤ , although, who would ever put a UFO on a Valentines’ card??

You can even save your cards & print then out so you can give it to your one. (Don’t worry singles or wanna mingles, we have a post for you in just a second 😉 ). Check out a card that the Creators made:

It’s #InternetFriendsDay !

For all of you who are single or want to mingle, here’s something for you: Happy Internet Friends Day! This may not be as exciting for most of you but at least you won’t be crying in a corner hoping that the one will come someday (same bridge guys, same bridge 😥 ). Who are your Poptropican Friends who are better than your real life friends?

Well, I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day weekend whether you’re taken and not mistaken or just single and ready to mingle 😉 Sending love to everyone everywhere, one poptropican at a time! ❤ ❤

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap! 😎 ➡

-bony catfish



Updating for the holidays

Hey guys, the holidays are coming and I’m going to be doing some blog updates around here! ^_^ I thought the blog needed a bit of updating or the holidays. So let’s get started, just scroll down ;).

I’m going to change the theme, which will be on until the year is over. Please note that I will only be changing the theme, not the header. I just think it would be a waste, y’know, but I could be changing my mind (I’ll let you know).

I’m still deciding on a theme, but I might be using Cheer or the Spirit theme, but I can’t decide because they’re both great themes.

Oh, and after the updates, I will be changing the theme, once again. I just kinda don’t like the theme I have now.

I hope you enjoy these updates. Bye 😉

Bony Catfish


Making up for some updates- Shrink Ray Island (SUI) available to all, Poptropica Comics App, and more!

Hey guys! I just want to say, so so so SO *says so infinite times* sorry I haven’t been posting as recent as I should. I was talking a break from the computer and hanging out with friends. So anyways, let’s get started now that my inactivity has been explained.


Shrink Ray Island (SUI) now available to all


Yep non-members, you can now play the new and improved Shrink Ray! You now have the chance to finally stop the creepy masked guy who shrunk you and return back to your normal poptropican lives.

Also, the Shrink Ray (gun) is still available in the Store for free – grab it before the creepy masked guy does!

Poptropica Comics App

This section is only for Apple users. Android users will have to wait.

As you see, the Poptropica Comics App is now available on the go! It’s a free download, but sadly, it’s only available to apple users. Sorry Android users, you will have to wait 😦 .

A thankful note to Poptropicans

You, I know Thanksgiving is over but I still wanted to post this section. So anyways, the creators’ wrote a thankful note, which is down below:

Just a quick note before we head out for a long holiday weekend. Here in the States, we take this weekend to reflect on everything we’re thankful for, and for the Poptropica Creators, that means YOU!

We’ve had a great year, releasing an app on iOS and Android, and telling some of the best stories we’ve ever told. But it wouldn’t mean anything if not for the Poptropicans who play the game, who write fan blogs, who share their feedback with us, and who spread the word among their friends.

Thanks very much for playing Poptropica. You are the ones who make Poptropica what it is!

Awww, thanks creators’. Speaking about Thanksgiving, I had a great one! It was a combination between American and Norwegian… Amerwegian!


Sorry this post was short than usual but I just didn’t feel like typing much. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and welcome me from my inactivity.

Bony Catfish

TBT with Poptropica, a delay with Arabian Nights, and more!

Yep, getting ready for holiday break (and Thanksgiving)? Well, here’s a post that will make you say “I just had a wonderful Poptropica Update Thanksgiving” as this post has a sprinkle of BTS (Behind the Scenes)!


TBT with Poptropica

Poptropica’s Cryptids is in for a Throwback Tuesday (or Thursday for most)! It seems like the Creators have an idea for a TBT: The cryptids in kindergarten.

kindergarten cryptids

Wow, Chupacabra didn’t like to share. Anyways, to the next part.

A delay with Arabian Nights Island

I recently was on Poptropica’s Twitter and I saw this:

Sorry members, but Arabian Nights Island (Episode 2) isn’t going to be an early access today. Instead, it’s pushed to two more weeks, releasing for members on December 11th and releasing for everyone on December 30th. Sorry for the sad news, members! 😦

Arabian Nights Episode Two info (CONTAINS SPOILERS!)

On the Arabian Nights Tour page, info about the second episode is now out! The episode is called Lair of Thieves.

Here is the synopsis:

In the den of the forty thieves, danger lurks around every corner. To outwit the most dangerous thieves in the desert, you’ll need a little help evening the odds – and you’ll find it in the form of an incredible magic power!

Wow, seems cool! So much action; I can’t wait to play it!

Poptropica Comics has come to an end

Yes, so subtitle says it all. Sadly, the Poptropica Comics for this year have come to an end (for 2014 at least), but don’t worry, you can read all of this year’s comics in the Daily Pop on Poptropica. Aaaaaaand… The Poptropica Creators also said that Oliver and Jorge will be back for more adventures in 2015. 🙂



Some BTS of the DP

Speaking of the Daily Pop, I found some cool BTS sneak peeps that hint to upcoming episodes for Arabian Nights, Poptropicon, and even the supposed new island, Galactic Hot Dogs Island.










Two ads

Yep, and once again, there are new ads that just popped on Poptropica:

A Hot Wheels ad for guys,


And a Monster High ad for girls.



“This song shrunk me”

Jeff Heim, the composer of Poptropica Music, tweeted the song Avenue A (for Shrink Ray Island) last Friday


New Released Updates- Poptropica App for Android NOW AVAILABLE, Early Access to Shrink Ray SUI for Members, and more

Just the usual 😉


Poptropica App for Android: NOW AVAILABLE!

You have been finally waiting, Android users! The Poptropica app is now available as a free download from Google Play! They have made a PCB post plus a Twitter announcement:

Android users can now enjoy some classic Poptropica quests like 24 Carrot Island and Mythology Island, and new adventures like Survival and Mission Atlantis.

Early Access to Shrink Ray SUI for Members

Shrink Ray Island just got bigger. Poptropica Members can now play the new and improved version of Shrink Ray Island, with a Full Screen glimpse, plus an awesome soundtrack!

Poptropica Music for the season

You can now get the Poptropica Music Volume 1. You can get individual tracks for only 99 cents, or buy the whole album (11 tracks!) for $9.99 on iTunes or $8.99 on Amazon.

Observing the Land

Poptropica Land is going to be releasing to everybody in the early part of 2015. But Poptropica Members are still building astounding creations in the Poptropica Land alpha version. Here are a few great ones that have come along recently.

Creepy Singer made a spectacular brick abode.
Golden Leaf gave us this floating domicile.
Prickly Monster made, well, a prickly monster!
Quick Tomato is the lord of this manor.


Well, that’s it, I hope you enjoy it!


Oh, just Twittering around

Hey everyone! The Creators recently tweeted another behind-the-scenes picture relating to Galactic Hot Dogs. The Creators claim that this blueprint for the GHD crew’s Neon Wiener spaceship is “VERY, VERY behind the scenes.”

ghd neon wiener

Do we have a new island rising up (totally not a reference to Poptropolis)? The Tweet links to this video trailer for Galactic Hot Dogs.

Yep, getting the feel of a new island coming! The Creators have mentioned that GHD may become an island in the future!

There is another behind the scenes image on Twitter, but this doesn’t reveal as much.

pop animation bts
“tools being built for more refined character animations in Poptropica’s videos” – Poptropica’s description


Hey, got to admit, it’s still pretty cool. 😉

The Creators have been twittering around lately, with some Poptropica related Instagram posts lately, along with Poptropica-In-School moments, Poptropica related Tumblr posts, and more. Keep an eye out for them on Twitter!

– BC

Spoiler Alert: Poptropicon is now available to everyone, a possibly new island, and a Poptropica Lands: Best of the Best

A lot has happened, and I didn’t post it on here. Big apologies guys!


Episode 2: Spoiler Alert—Now available!

Get your costume ready because the convention is now opened to all! The second episode is better in my opinion than the first (seriously, to get in a bathroom line :/)

Haven’t played the second episode yet? Play now!

RIP R.A. Montgomery, 1936-2014

R.A. Montgomery, the creator of the Choose Your Own Adventure series, just passed away at the age of 78.  His book was the inspiration for Nabooti Island, which is one of Poptropica’s islands (oh, them good ol’ times) and the Creators noted that his books proved that reading is an adventure! Indeed it is. 😦 If you want to know more about Choose Your Own Adventure or R.A. Montgomery, check out this site.



A new Poptropica Island? Possibly

Embedded image permalink

As you can see above, Poptropica has just released a HUGE BEHIND-THE-SCENES moment! Thanks to Slippery Raptor, this room is called Palace Interior scene. I think that it might be a combination of crpytids and Twisted Thicket because of this “nature magic” feel and also because of this “mystery” and “I think there might be some monster” feel. Someone guessed “Underground Adventure” and the Creators said “Very good!” and that means, the island will be an underground adventure. :O

Poptropica Land’s Best of the Best: Zany Crown!

Last Monday, Zany Crown’s terrific tree house claimed the crown for the best of the best (congrats to everyone else)! As a treat, the Creators had a quick tour of her Dream Home! There might be a re-release of the Poptropica Land: Public Preview January 2015.

So, that’s all of the updates needed to be posted and I hope you enjoyed this post! Again, sorry for the inactivity

– BC