Mystery Train Island

In Mystery Train Island, you’re on board a train headed for the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.Here’s the walkthrough.









Mystery Train Written Walkthrough
When you arrive, jump down and run to the left until you see a man pushing his luggage. This is Thomas Edison, the famous inventor. He needs your help getting his luggage loaded onto the train. Talk to him and then a puzzle mini-game will appear. Re-arrange the suitcases so that they line up left to right from smallest to largest. Then click on the plank of wood to create a ramp. You will push the luggage up into the cargo car of the train. So much work! Thomas Edison will give you a train ticket to ride the John Bull from Washington, D.C. to Chicago. Run over to the right until you get to the train door next to the Chicago World’s Fair poster. The cursor will say Ride Train. Hop on board!
Your first task is to talk to all the famous passengers on the train. The first is Ferris, the inventor of the Ferris wheel. He’s upset and will give you a copy of a telegram he received that says the wheel needs more power to work.
Next run left and talk to Nikola Tesla, who is standing outside of his cabin door.
Then go inside Susan B. Anthony’s cabin and speak with her. She’ll give you a Women’s Suffrage Pamphlet.
Go back outside and run to the left to talk with Gustav Eiffel. Then continue left until you come to a door marked with the name, Erik Weisz. Go inside and talk to the man there.
Head back out and run to the left through several train cars until you reach a guy wearing a hat and a pencil in his ear. He’s a reporter from the New York Times. Talk to him and he’ll complain that the fair is second-rate because it’s in Chicago.
Now go into Mark Twain’s cabin and speak with him.
Leave Twain’s cabin and go to the left. You’ll pick up a pencil that’s lying on a table as you run past.
Skip past Thomas Edison’s cabin and go into Mlle. Moreau’s room. Speak with her to hear her talk about how much better the World’s Fair in Paris was. She’ll give you a copy of her newspaper, Le Monde.
Now you’ve met with everyone you need to. Go into Thomas Edison’s cabin and talk to him.
He’ll tell you about his latest invention, a device which captures moving pictures. He’ll suggest that you try it out and once it starts working, he’ll leave to get the reporter from the New York Times.
A cut-scene will appear showing the train heading into a tunnel.
The room will go dark and when the lights come back on, the projector is missing! Thomas Edison and the reporter arrive and want to know what happened.
Now you have to clear your name and find the person who stole the projector.

For the rest of the quest you’ll be tracking down different clues. To see the available clues, click on other passengers to speak with them and a box of your clues will appear. First click on Thomas Jefferson and then click on the device in the clues box to hear him talk about how his invention was going to win the prize at the fair. Next, click on the New York Times reporter. He’ll give you a new clue about Mark Twain and a secret compartment.
Leave the room and go to the right. Enter Mark Twain’s cabin. Click on him to talk to him and then select his portrait in your clues area. He’ll deny even having a secret compartment. Next, you can click on the panels on the wall to find the one that is hollow. There is a secret compartment, but it only has his manuscript in it. It’s his manuscript of Huckleberry Finn.
The next thing that happens is that the train comes to a stop. You can go outside and talk to the people there. Click on the reporter and he’ll tell you about a clue outside his door. You’ll appear back on board the train, up by the engine.
Walk to the left and go to Susan B. Anthony’s cabin. Talk to her and she’ll give you a clue about Nikola Tesla being locked in his cabin.
Keep going through the cars until you get to the one with the reporter standing outside his cabin. You can talk to the other passengers as you go to get more clues.
Talk to the reporter and click on the device. He’ll ask you if you found out more about the device in Twain’s cabin but it was a dead end.
Walk to the left and click on the spots in front of Thomas Edison’s door. They are prune juice stains.
Go to the left and talk to the train porter. Click on the glass of prune juice. He’ll tell you that he can’t tell you what the other passengers ordered. He throws away the order sheet and leaves, but his notepad is still on the counter. Take the notepad, and then use the pencil. Move it back and forth to reveal the imprint left behind. Keep scratching it until you completely reveal Tesla’s name and order. Looks like he had prune juice!

Run to the right until you get to the luggage car. There’s a trunk on the floor with a black handprint on it. Click on the handprint to get another clue. There are coal smudges on the trunk. As soon as you find them, though, someone throws a pair of scissors at you! Pick up the scissors and put them in your backpack.
Go all the way to the coal car at the front of the train and talk to the coal man. Click on the coal smudges clue and he’ll confess that he left to go get a snack, but says he didn’t go near the luggage.
Return to the porter, who is now in the car with Thomas Edison’s room. Talk to him and select the coal man clue. The porter will confirm the coal man’s alibi and that clue will be eliminated.
Head to the right and go back into the luggage car. The reporter from Le Monde will be here. She’s standing next to the trunk with the coal smudge on it.
The reporter tells you to dress up like the porter, so head to the right and go into the porter’s closet. His outfit is in the room. Use the costumizer to put it on.

Go back outside and run to the right until you get to Tesla’s room. Knock on the door and he’ll let you in.
Click on Tesla to talk to him. He’ll ask for a refill of prune juice. Grab the pitcher sitting on the dresser to the left and then keep refilling his glass.
Soon, he’ll need to use the bathroom. This gives you a chance to search for clues in his room while he’s gone. Click on random objects in the room. You can see Tesla leaving and going to the bathroom in a picture-in-picture window above. I tried clicking everywhere and I think the game is rigged so that you always find the key at the last possible moment: just keep clicking around. Anyway, you’ll get the Luggage Key.
Leave Tesla’s room and go back to the trunk, where the Le Monde reporter is still standing. Use the key on the trunk and you’ll find the device inside. It looks like Tesla has some explaining to do! The Le Monde reporter leaves to go get the security guards.
The Pinkerton Detective arrives with Tesla. It’s funny because he comes in from the left but Tesla was just in his room on the right. How did that happen?
The porter arrives too and asks you to return the device to Edison.
Edison is grateful for the return of the device but doesn’t believe Tesla stole it. Together, you review the film on the device and you’ll get a Grainy Picture in your backpack. It shows that Tesla was on the other side of the train when it went around the turn and entered the tunnel. He must be innocent!
Leave Edison’s cabin and go to the right. Go back to the luggage car and jump up through the open hole onto the roof.
Run to the right on top of the train, while avoiding the obstacles by jumping and ducking. You’ll get a brief warning about upcoming obstacles with flashing red boxes.
Jump down on the last car to talk to Tesla, who is being held captive in the coal car.
He’ll give you a sketch of his cabin that he made so that you can compare it to what it looks like now and see if there’s anything different.
Run left and return to his cabin. Once inside, open your backpack and examine the sketch. Click on the use button and then click on the pencil that appears in the lower left corner.
Circle the trunk in the lower right corner. You’ve won the mini-game!
Go back to the left and return to the luggage car. Jump up onto the roof again, avoid the obstacles, and return to Tesla in the coal car.
Talk to Tesla and you’l get a new clue about the open luggage. Now go to the left again and enter Erik Weisz cabin. Talk to him about the luggage clue and he’ll talk about how an expert would be able to open it. You’ll get a new clue about Eric Weisz and his odd behavior.
Leave and run to the left. Talk to the newspaper reporter about Eric Weisz. He’ll mention how there’s something odd about him and then he’ll give you a copy of the New York Times newspaper. Examine it to read an article about Harry Houdini. Now go back to Eric Weisz’ cabin.
He’ll be gone, but now a lock pick bag will be on the floor. Walk over it to pick it up and put it in your backpack.
Eric Weisz will appear and you will confront him about how he is really Harry Houdini. He jumps up and climbs to the top of the train. Follow him and try to catch him while avoiding the obstacles.
Drop down into the storage car and click on the large curtain covering a box. Houdini is trapped inside. Looks like the master of escape needs your help!
Use the lock pick bag to help him. Click on each of the locks and then click and drag the lock picks with the matching symbols to open it. You need to push each lock with the matching pick so that it rests on the red line. Do this for each of the padlocks.
Houdini is rescued! HE tells you he’s not the thief, howecer. He proves this by telling you that someone stole one of his lockpicks. He tells you to find out what Tesla was hiding and that will lead you to the theif.
Run to the right until you get to the luggage car. Jump up through the hole to the roof one more time and run across the roof to get back to Tesla in the coal car.
Click on Tesla and he’ll offer to tell you what he was hiding if you free him. Use the lockpick set to open up his handcuffs.
He’ll tell you he was carrying a small transformer capable of generating an enormous amount of wattage and that only this device would provide enough electricity to power the ferris wheel. He’ll also give you a sketch of the transformer. The mystery deepens!
Run back to the left until you get to Mark Twain’s cabin. Go inside and talk to him. He’ll tell you to speak with the mysterious fellow in the last car.
Leave Twain’s cabin and run left to the rear of the train. You’ll get to the Pinkerton Security car.

Once here, jump up onto the first platform and walk left. Drop down onto the middle platform (where the bucket is hanging) and then run left and drop down past the guard, who is napping. Proceed to the caboose on your left.
Inside you’ll find a man with a moustache. He turns out to be Grover Cleveland, the President of the United States!
Together, you’ll put together the full mystery of what happened. Click on the following clues in order: glass of prune juice, coal smudges, key, Tesla’s briefcase, transformer sketch. President Cleveland tells you to return to the luggage car and take a closer look at the luggage to find out who the real thief is.
Run back to the right to get to the luggage car. When you arrive, use the key in your backpack to open the suitcase with the coal smudge. Inside, you’ll find a bunch of things from France.
First, talk to Gustav Eiffel, who is French. But he’ll point out the handkerchief inside belongs to a lady. The thief must be the reporter from Le Monde!
The train stops. Go out and the Le Monde reporter will be here.

The Great Chase

She’s got the transformer and plans to ruin the ferris wheel by destroying it. She runs off to the left.
Follow her, while avoiding the obstacles in your path and the guards who are after you.
The first obstacles are the hungry lions and the jugglers. You need to jump onto the lion’s mouths while they’re closed. Timing is very important. Jump to each one just as they close their mouths.
After passing the lions, jump up onto the overhangs above each door. You can bounce over the jugglers this way.
When you get to the snake charmer, wait for the snake to lower and then jump up on top of the basket lid to get a ride up. Then run past the belly dancers to the left.
The Le Monde reporter runs off again and the guards come after you once more.
Jump from totem to totem until you get to the last one. The guards will knock down the totems and then you will get to the last area: the ferris wheel!
Now jump up the ferris wheel to the left, climbing up the ropes as you go. Look for the little blue highlights to show you where to jump.
When you get to the top, the Le Monder reporter is there. She will throw the transformer down. Jump to the rope on your left to swing over and catch it.
Then go back to the top where the reporter is. She’ll fall down into Houdini’s water trap below. Jump down after her and then walk up to Ferris. Click on the transformer in your backpack and click the Use button.
You’ve saved the day and the entire Chicago World’s Fair! You’ll get your island medallion and beat the island. Congratulations!


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