Cryptids Island

You might be wondering what in the heck cryptids are. Well, they are creatures or plants whose existence has been suggested but not recognized officially by scientific consensus. So legendary creatures like Bigfoot, unicorns (they’re real, I swear!) or the Loch Ness monster are called cryptids. Here’s the complete walkthrough. (this is one of my favorites)

Cryptids Written Walkthrough

 You will arrive to the island via the balloon. Go all the way to the right and enter. Keep going to the right until you reach the end, you will find a five dollar note on the tree above you. Take it and head back left. Go inside the general store and use the five dollar note to buy a sports drink. Head back to the right and speak with the gardener holding the shears. Give him the sports drink and he will give you the shears. Go all the way to the left until you reach a park. You will see a lady standing in the far left, she will ask you to give her a push. Then get up on the house and use the shears to cut off the rope for a man inside a balloon. You will get the rope. Head back right and into Kitty’s Kites. Use the rope to use the Kite Surfer X-250. When you get it head back left and use it. You will be surfing in the water but Gretchen Grimlock attacks and burns down your kite. Mews’ helicopter then comes to the rescue.

You wake up lying on the bed and Mews is standing next to you. Talk to him then when he leaves pick up the cup of water to help you feel better and be able to move. Go outside the room, down the stairs and into the room on the right. Welcome to the Cryptids Museum. Go down the stairs and head right, you won’t find Mews so you’ll check out all the stations. When you’re done checking them, Mews will enter. He will tell you about his great love for Cryptids and that he has a good feeling that you can help him prove the existence of more Cryptids. Agree, then head outside to the helicopter. Time to start the search!

We’ll first go to the Lochness. Go right and talk to the guy next to the car. Help him get the car to pass under the bridge by inflating the tire. He’ll give you a camera as a reward. Then go to the Pub. Enter; you’ll see some matches at the edge of the counter, pick them up. Talk to the two men standing next to each other. They’ll have a short argument about the existence of Nessie. Then talk to the man with the darts. You’ll play an easy game of darts and he’ll give you a ticket to a rowboat.

Head over to the rowboat on the far left. Give the man the ticket and sail away! You’ll find some tires but the man will trick you by telling you its Nessie! What a thief! Take a picture then go back to the helicopter, go to Mews’ mansion. Go inside, into the museum then the lab on the left. Show Mews the picture and he’ll tell you you’ve been tricked! Go back to the helicopter and back to the Lochness. Talk to the guy in the rowboat, he’s then escaped and taking a vacation! Go to the pub then talk to the two men in there, one of them has a submarine ticket. He’ll challenge you to a game of darts so you can get the tickets. After you win, go to the submarine in the left. Give the guy the ticket and off you go!

Go to the bottom left corner and you’ll find another fake Nessie! Take a picture then go up again. Go to the pub and show the guys the picture. They’ll tell you its fake! He’ll give you darts as a souvenir though. Go to the right and you’ll find the guy who gave you the rowboat tickets. He wants a rematch! Win and you’ll get a pennywhistle that if you play it, Nessie shows up! So, go back to the rowboat then head left, and left again! Blow the whistle and Nessie will show up! Finally! Take a picture then head back to Mews! Show him the picture. It was definitely the right evidence he needed! The Lochness monster station is now confirmed!

Next go to Puerto Rico, where you need to find the Chupacabra. Talk to the guy who rescued the man. He’ll give you his Jeep! Use it to go to the star in the upper right corner. The seeds will be delivered to the man’s brother. Go left and you’ll find fur stuck on the fence, pick it up and go back to the Jeep. Before we return to Mews, we’ll first make a short trip to the star in the upper left corner. Try to make your way up and to the right where you’ll find bolt cutters which we’ll need in New Jersey. Pick them up then return to the jeep, back to the start and to the helicopter. At Mews, go to the lab and show him the fur. You’ll do a DNA sample test to find out that its Coyote fur! Return to Puerto Rico. You’ll need to gather at least 3 brown spotted goats into the star in the middle! The man and his brother will help you. When you exit the Jeep, the trap will be set and you will hide behind the rocks. The Chupacabra is trapped and you have to push it into the truck but it escapes and leaves down a tooth behind which is your evidence! Return to Mews and show him the tooth. Congratulations! You’ve confirmed the Chupacabra’s existence!

Now, we’ll make a short visit to the Himalayas. Climb left of the mountain until you meet a Sherpa! He will guide you to the top of the mountain. Once you reach the top, go inside the building. Talk to the man on the right. He’ll give you a lantern you need for New Jersey. Then get up on top of the building, the man won’t let you pass unless you beat him in a game. Once you beat him, go right and up. You’ll find a Yeti footprint, take a picture then head back to the helicopter. Let’s take off to New Jersey.









Go right until you find a trash can; use the bolt cutters to cut the lock off. Search inside the garbage can for a door with writing on it. Take it and go inside the bathroom. Use the door to complete the messages then head outside. Ride the motorcycle on your right and follow the directions written on the note until you reach a really creepy house. Light the lantern using the matches we got from the Lochness. Enter the huge gate! Walk right and go in the house. You hear a scary THUMP! from the attic. Push the bedside cabinet until the end of the room then go up……… Go left and the barrel starts shaking…… But don’t worry, it’s just a raccoon!

Go right to pick up the grapple then head back down. Down the stairs, and get ready to see the Jersey devil staring at you from the window!!!! Go outside, you won’t be able to get a picture because he takes off. But, there’s something in the tree. Use the grapple to reach the Devil’s egg shells. Go back to the Motorcycle and back to the start and off to Mews mansion.

The egg shells are definitely proof of the Devil’s existence so that leaves only Bigfoot left. After showing him evidence, he receives a sighting of Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest and the location is added to your helicopter. Go to the helicopter and you’ll spot Bigfoot! Follow him until he stops inside a cave. You’ll contact Mews and tell him about Bigfoot but Gretchen Grimlock has hacked her way to your computer system! She takes Bigfoot and runs away and you have to catch her! When you get close to her you’ll get out of the helicopter and on to Gretchen’s. Click on the Gas hole so fuel comes out! Get on Bigfoot’s cage then and cut off the rope using the shears. You and Bigfoot land safely on ground!!! You reject the million dollar reward and Mews uses it to build a safe habitat for Bigfoot!









Congratulations! You receive your Island Medallion!!


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